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The images could not be republished without permission, but they remained visible on the auction site and in a Reuters video. Sign Up For the Morning Briefing: Asia and Australia Newsletter Very few significant artifacts liberated from the Fuhrer Bunker in 1945 exist today in the open market, especially with such concrete provenance dating all the way back to the time of liberation, the auction house said in a statement. Associated Press Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler in an undated photograph. An album of other pictures, found among her possessions in the bunker where they committed suicide, sold at auction. Matthew Tredwen, an owner of the auction house, said in a telephone interview that it was not clear who took the photographs, but that the proximity to Hitler, and to other high-ranking officials in the Nazi Party including Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goring and Heinrich Himmler, suggested the person or people behind the camera had trusted access. Braun, a photographer, is credited with other surviving pictures and films of Hitler. The photographs had to be taken by someone who was very close, Mr. Tredwen said. All photographs of Adolf Hitler were very much controlled because obviously they did not want photographs coming out that made him look bad. They would not have been made for the general public. There were no signatures in the book to suggest ownership, or the identity of the photographer, he said. He described the bidding as very competitive, with telephone bidders from Britain and the United States, as well as interest online from Germany, China, South Africa and other countries.

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